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The new site is sure different. I kinda like the look, but the new linear format is not my thing. Guess I’m too old to adjust easily.
It’s been a good run on the old site. I’ll miss it. Might try the new site again after the dust settles.

By for now,


We would be sorry to see you go, but keep in mind Model Shipwrights looked a little like the image below when it launched in 2006, so it takes a while for sites like this to really morph and change. This is just another change (and a necessary one) but it doesn’t mean that in a while it won’t look a lot different if that’s where we need to take it. Also without user support, there is no Model Shipwrights. New or old and our What’s New page on the current site is pretty sad. You can still see 2019 entries down near the bottom. :frowning:

Best wishes,

Actually it was more like this. :slight_smile:

Jim, I have a question about campaigns. It has probably been asked before so apologies if it’s going over old ground. You mentioned a time frame before as to when this site will take over.
What will happen to campaigns that start in Dec of this year or Jan 2021 and are down to be 12 months long ??

Will they go ahead ?

Will there be any point in joining in on one (I’m down for about 3 lol)

I ask because I’m wondering if it will be worth it if none of the campaign ribbons follow us over etc ?

I understand the cross over and new site has to happen and am pretty on board with that, but just wanted to find out a bit more. Cheers… John

I’ve got a question, about the summary notification thing. Is there any way to turn it off? I don’t mind getting an individual e-mail showing someone has left a comment, but I really don’t need the summary sent.



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Hi Timmy,
Yes I think so. If you go here you should be able to turn off (or on) as much of that functionality as you’d like.

Here’s a little thing you could fix.
Firefox (on Windows) currently shows a set of icons, on its starting page, representing pages that you visit often. And there’s normally a picture in each icon - but the Armorama one is sometimes blank. Other times it’s the letters “KM”.


Could you screen shot that David cause I don’t have a clue where or what that is.

I think he is referring to the quick access icons when you open the browser.

Maybe a local issue with cache…

Oh… yeah that’s called the favicon. I am still not sure what the “Armorama” icon would be though. The old/current site? That should show a “K” as it’s icon. The new content site will likely show the reticle icon though once I have it up.

Oh okay I think I see what you mean.

Yeah this is sort of newer tech and if you have a larger icon image (like the new forums have) you get this pretty version of the icon, vs. Armorama has the old-style tiny icon so you get the blurred K image. This will all be sorted out once we have all the new sites up and running though.

it’s not friendly