New to public, not new to modeling

For the last 50 years of work life, if it was shiny, i bought it for the day i could make something with it once retired.

Retirement has come along with a bike and now it’s time to build a closet full of Civil War ironclad ships. All resin models and all of perfect workmanship for finishing.

Hope to do enough reading to fulfil this needs to start and finish these models.



That will be a nice collection to display when finished!
I have been thinking about a model of the Monitor since it was the first (?) of a whole new breed of warships. Guns in turrets instead of poking out of holes in the ships sides

Wow, 50 years of stash building. Congratulations on retirement, welcome to Kitmaker Network, and welcome to being a model builder! Have fun most of all.

Welcome to the new forum. Looking forward to see some of your builds soon. I also collected kits during the last decade of my employment life anticipating retirement. I did, however, build a few as I went along ut now that I’ve retired I should have enough kits to build until I drop!