New US Paratrooper from Minisoldiers | Armorama™

Minisoldiers released a new 1/35 scale resin figure depicting US Paratrooper from WWII.

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Another paratrooper in M1942 attire?

What is it with paratroopers? You’d really think the US Army only deployed airborne units overseas during WWII.

Thankfully we’ve got Tamiya filling the important gap in straight infantry:

At least this one doesn’t have the overdone stereotype Mohawk haircut and no helmet. Personally, if more US airborne figures are gonna come out, I’d like to see them in the modified M1943 uniforms.

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Love it…keep them coming and yes M1943 also…!!!
I think it is the other way around until recently most manufacturers were pumping out late war Infantry Uniform (As Tamiya just have in the new set…), so its great seeing a shift to early war uniform for Normandy etc.