New Year build with A Ukrainian twist

Been busy in the new year with two quick builds. Had a three day weekend and was able to begin the painting process, the kits are skifs T-64A and Dragins T-80UD. They are both painted in a Ukrainian Digital pattern of yellow grey, black and zashcitniy zeleno. I made the pattern with painters tape and a lot of patience. So far i believe it’s come out pretty well, will need to go over with a brush and straighten out some lines. I will be crewing these tanks with Valkyrie miniature figures, so far i have a Ukrainian crew and will probably creata a Ukrainian crew for some Russian tankers. I’m not sure how I’ll paint the tank crew uniforms as the Boxart shows a Russian like camo pattern, I’d really like to do an ad hoc set of tankers. Maybe one crew in Russian camo uniforms and maybe another with German pattern vests and woodland pattern uniforms.


Okay gents, i finished these two quick builds this past weekend and couldn’t be more than happy with the outcome. There were a few issues with the skif track fit that resulted in some surgery on a sprocket or two but besides that nothing crazy happened.

I changed it up and used ammo migs brown filter and brown wash for green vehicles rather then using my usual oil filter/wash. For the tracks i used ammo migs track wash and it works wonders it will definitely dirty up and bring out from details.

Next up will be crewing these tanks and either doing one or two separate dioramas for them. I’m not quite sure what i would want to depict yet but there’s a few ideas stirring around and I’m always open to others.