New Year mess! - Italeri’s M-925 shelter truck w/extras

what better time then the first day of a new year to dive into this mess lol…Italeri’s M-925 shelter truck with eduard pe, legend bigfoot update, real model model bigfoot update, and cmk m-925 interior

im also gonna try and follow some of vodniks excellent advice on detailing this kit as well so yea…should be a long but fun build…happy new years everyone!!!


A wonderful mess :slight_smile:

A nice mess indeed. My work place is always a kind of vortex: it seems to suck in new paints, tools and other materials every time… And since I work on the dining table, I have to clean up the mess every evening…

progress continues…

by the way i’m only doing all this so the new M-923 from I heart kit actually comes out and on time lol…


Looking good. All the extras really bring this kit up to current standards.

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thanks and yea i’m trying…definitely a lot to work with…anyways made some more progress so here goes

real models passenger seat and heater are going to be used…

and here is cmk’s driver’s seat with a scratch built base pluse eduard p.e. and meng bolts

also I’m using VMS flexy 5k glue for all the resin and p.e. and I have to say this stuff is awesome!!! way better for me then the other stuff I’ve used in the past. I used to always knock peices off during construction/handling but with VMS it actually flexes (hence the name) and the parts stay put!!!

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Looking even better.

One pointer, there should be no clutch pedal. All these trucks have automatic transmissions. There is only the gas pedal and a brake pedal. Also, the raised circle where Italeri incorrectly shows a shifter going should also be shaved off and filled/sanded.

ok thanks for the heads up…ill get on it now :+1:

ok work continues…I’ve been focusing on the interior and made the modifications heavyarty suggested…also got a bunch of the eduard set in there and sealed in the dials with micro crystal clear…also noticed a large gap on all sides when i dry fit the interior cab to the exterior shell so i shored it up with some 0.5mm strip styrene…let me know what you think!!!

as you can see the fit is now damn near perfect after i added the strips so anyone else building this kit beware…thanks everyone more to follow soon


Some really nice work. Waiting for more. :+1: :+1:

progress has been continuing…schedules been kinda hectic so my bench time has been sporadic but hey progress is progress right…anyways i’ve been trying to focus on the cab and to finish up the spare wheel crane and im almost there…turns out to get the window frame right it almost becomes a mini kit in itself !!!

I have to aplogize to for the picture quality…I’m working with my camera phone and (as is obvious) it’s not the best but it’s what i have for now so yea…enjoy!!! lol


Felt so accomplished when I finished the first one…only to be immediately deflated after realizing i have to bend this doodoo TWICE!!!


EWE! That does look like a PITA. Good job on it. The rest is looking great too.

thanks and yea…it was lol…got em both done though and on the model !!!

btw sorry for the pic of the gashed thumb…had a slight disagreement with my #2 knife yesterday…

well cab assembly is finished!!! all I have to do is finish painting then insall the seats afetr everything’s together…after detail painting that is :upside_down_face:

also after looking at reference photos I decided to try and replicate the cab roof interior…didn’t come out good at all in my opinion but based on how little will be seen and after some hopefully good painting it’ll at least look the part…either way it was a learning experience so yea…there’s that lol

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so detail painting is pretty much done…i think lol…still have to seal it and give it a wash and what not…

here you can kinda see the look I was going for with the roof…a wash will definitely help bring out the detail…

and here is the start of the truck bed itself

I’m modifiying the bed sides…had to fill a nasty step on the inside of the top with strip styrene and after it’s all dried and trimmed I’m going to hollow out the parts where the side supports would slide in…

ok that’s all for now…happy modelling everyone

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Coming along great. The cab interior looks really nice.

hey sorry it’s been a while but ive been down due to illness…it’s not covid though so small blessings…while i was sick my replacement wheels came from mr modelbau so that was a plus…got em assembled easily enough…