NEWS: 1/35 Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA Bradley Ukraine

Magic Factory has announced another great-looking Bradley kit. This time it is an M2A2 ODS-SA IFV in Ukraine markings (#2007) in 1/35th scale. This is the first Ukraine marked Bradley available and is a much-wanted kit. It looks really nice and has 3D printed parts to backdate it to an M2A2 ODS-SA.


This is great news, but of course it is just after I bought a Meng M2A3, Tamiya M2A2 sprue for the turret basket, AM Ukraine decals, and sourced T-161 tracks to make one. That is usually how it happens. :face_exhaling:


On behalf of the modelling community I formally commend you for your efforts
and for “taking one for the team” :wink: :+1:


:+1: You’re all welcome, happy to assist.


Showing up on eBay as pre-orders already too.

1/35 M2A2 ODS-SA Ukraine | eBay

OK, I will ask- can this be built as a US M2A2 and if so, what time frame is it appropriate for?

I think so. I looks pretty easy to backdate it to a new-build M2A2 ODS from the late '90s to about 2008ish. By that time, most units had switched to M2A3s. From just the pics, if you leave off the Driver’s Viewer camera parts on the front slope and some of the bars protecting the driver’s hatch, it becomes a standard, new build M2A2 ODS. You would also need to backdate the tracks to T157I “Bigfoot” tracks and sprockets as well.

The areas in red are what need attention. The Driver’s Viewer camera is in the circle. The raised bars around the drivers hatch (red lines) need to be removed. The anti-foul bar to the left side of the hatch (green T) needs to stay, but be mounted on the hull, not the raised bar. The rest looks good.

Check here for more info on Bradley types:
M2/M3 Bradley Reference - Reference by Subject - KitMaker Network

You can also see what might have to be changed/deleted/fixed from my Meng M2A2 ODS backdate from a few years ago. It would be basically the same and could use either a modified/updated Tamiya M2 interior with individual seating or later bench seating, depending on when you are depicting it from. I backdated the Meng M2A3 interior on mine.
M2A2 ODS - Meng M3A3 backdate


Thanks Gino and excellent work on the backdate.

Can’t even find the US ones in the US yet and now they make one for Ukraine. Just stuff to get used against us later. And don’t say oh it will not happen. South of Bagdad we trained IP’s only to have those tactics used against us in an ambush…

You can’t get these anywhere yet; they are pre-orders. The M2A3/M2A4/M-SHORAD 3-in-1 kit is not expected to be available until about 10 Dec. The M2A2 ODS-SA is expected to be available in Jan '24.


Not quite but close. The sideskirts are just a little different. The recessed bolt pattern, and the way the lower skirts are hung is different in the A2 vs the SA and A3. On the SA/A3 there is a small scoop out on the front left upper skirt. I believe the front mudguards are different on the SA/A3.

I haven’t studied the turret.

BTW, it does not seem they addressed the spaced armor in the skirts or rear stowage bins. The only folks that address this as far as I know are Voyager.

Late/new build (rebuild) M2A2 ODS had all the features you list, including the rounded front mud guards. Earlier/MWO build (updated) M2A2 ODSs had the earlier features you list and the square front mudguards.

New build M2A2 ODS Bradley w/solid front glacis plate, the easiest way to tell a new-build. Also has rounded front mud flaps and no driver’s viewer, no bars around driver’s hatch, left side anti-foul bar on hull, and T157I tracks.

Update by MWO M2A2 ODS in Iraq with multi-part front glacis plate. Has square front mud flaps, remnants of flotation barrier on hull front, and T157I tracks…

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It will be interesting to see the sprues for this kit. I wonder if they will still have the A4 parts on them? The external (visible) changes are not that much; new towing lugs, different (3 lensed) driver’s viewer, black box on front right side of the front glacis, and a couple other small items. We shall see when they come out.

Looks like these are available now. I just received a shipping notice from the Chinese supplier today. I should have it in a week or so. More to follow…


Mine just arrived. It looks really nice overall.

This preview of the M2A4 IFV kit shows all the sprues included in the M2A2 ODS-SA kit (and the rest for the later versions). It shows all the great details.

Some interesting things on the kit. First, all of the A3 parts (CITV, shorter storage basket, etc., etc.) are on common sprues, so the M2A2 ODS-SA is also able to be built into an A3. You can also backdate it as described above to be an earlier M2A2 ODS. All the parts I identified in red above are separate and can be left off. It does not include any of the A4 parts (all on the not included B sprue).

Some parts on the sprues also hint at more versions to come (hopefully). On the below O sprue, there are the extended rear light guards and a cable reel holder as seen on the M7 BFIST (red circles). There are also two parts that are used to raise the ramp on the inside (green circles). Additionally, all the hatches are fully detailed on the inside (including handles and opening mechanisms), and the turret front wall in front of the BC has interior details as well. Maybe these are a hints at a future version with an interior. We’ll see, fingers crossed.

Rear ramp raising/lowering parts shown being added in instructions.

The 3D printed parts are really nicely done and very detailed.

I did find one down side. The T-161 tracks are not totally accurate. The center guide teeth should be open on them.

The kits parts have the center guide teeth molded solid.

I also did a quick check of the Meng M2A3 interior parts and it looks like they are going to fit perfectly.

You can see a great build of the M2A4 IFV below to see how the kit looks.


Gino; once again, you come through with top-tier wisdom on the Bradley platform.

So; my question is, to build a current usage M2A3, which kit would be the better choice? The ODS-SA Ukraine kit or the M2A4 SHORAD kit? I already built the Meng M2A3 and two Tamiyas (an M2A1 and an early M2A2).


For a current(ish) M2A3, you want the Magic Factory 3-in-1 kit since it has the T-161 tracks. Most units have already, or are soon to get M2A4s. Same kit for a current M2A4.


Thanks, that’s all i wanted to know. :+1:

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Sorry, I didn’t fully read your post. To clarify…

Both the 3-in-1 kit and the M2A2 ODS-SA kit have all the parts for an M2A3 IFV. You will have left-over parts with both. The M2A2 ODS-SA kit does not have directions for the M2A3 though.

If you want to do an M2A4 IFV, you need the 3-in-1 kit.

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