NEWS: 1/35 Magic Factory M2A2 ODS-SA Bradley Ukraine

I think so. I looks pretty easy to backdate it to a new-build M2A2 ODS from the late '90s to about 2008ish. By that time, most units had switched to M2A3s. From just the pics, if you leave off the Driver’s Viewer camera parts on the front slope and some of the bars protecting the driver’s hatch, it becomes a standard, new build M2A2 ODS. You would also need to backdate the tracks to T157I “Bigfoot” tracks and sprockets as well.

The areas in red are what need attention. The Driver’s Viewer camera is in the circle. The raised bars around the drivers hatch (red lines) need to be removed. The anti-foul bar to the left side of the hatch (green T) needs to stay, but be mounted on the hull, not the raised bar. The rest looks good.

Check here for more info on Bradley types:
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You can also see what might have to be changed/deleted/fixed from my Meng M2A2 ODS backdate from a few years ago. It would be basically the same and could use either a modified/updated Tamiya M2 interior with individual seating or later bench seating, depending on when you are depicting it from. I backdated the Meng M2A3 interior on mine.
M2A2 ODS - Meng M3A3 backdate