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The Russian company DMS (denisssmodels) has once again delighted modellers with unusual 3D models.

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Interesting manufacturer :+1:
List of denissmodels at Scalemates

I will need to remember this producer when the war is over

This producer is an activist of this war from the Russian side. On his page, he uses this logo:


Thanks for the info.
Plenty of other producers to choose from, including some from Ukraine :wink:


Whats the surprise if it support Russia ? It is a russian manufacturer . Miniart will endorse Ukraine , no surprise either.

But we are here because of MODELLING not POLITICS . (Or anyone still believe in those kindergarden stories of good guys against bad guys ?!).

Nothing bad if he supports Russia. It is bad that he supports the war waged by Russia. Do you catch the difference?
Your comparison with Miniart is completely inappropriate. Ukraine is fighting for independence and survival, unlike Russia.
Or is the difference not obvious to you either?

Your statement from MODELLING not POLITICS that is slyness.
No one here is blaming anyone. It was just a fact.
But you decided to pop this topic.


The topic is about models. Period. Do not drag the on going war in the Ukraine and a manufacturer’s politics into the discussion. Buy or do not buy from the producer, follow your own values and conscience. Please keep the discussion about models and on topic. Leave the drama to your Facebook page. You can speak about whatever you want there.


How do I purchase any items from this company? I don’t see the purchasing portion on their website or perhaps I’m missing something. Thank you for your help.

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Thanks for asking, I am wondering the same thing and haven’t had any luck searching around.

You can buy goods of this and some other Russian companies in the Unomag online store: there is an English-language page and the possibility of sending outside of Russia.
This is not an advertisement, I am not a representative of the store, I do not have material benefits from this (although they could thank)