NEWS: Gecko Models Blocks of Jerrycans

The new 1/35 blocks of WWII US Jerrycans from Gecko will be ideal for those modellers wanting to add a load to their GMC CCKW or create a pre-D-Day or Battle of the Bulge diorama.

It is a value pack of 96 American-style jerrycans. These are moulded in blocks of 8 cans. There are 12 of these blocks within each box.

You may need a few sets if you want to replicate this scene, though…



Good to see some water cans in the set.

A VERY useful accessory set! Now if we can get similar smaller bundles of machine gun ammo cans…

Like these?


YES!!! I haven’t seen those before… Thank you sir!

Thanks for sharing; these look awesome!!

Rick Cooper

Hope they become available in the US, soon!