NEWS: MDMB Mom's House

MDMB has a new resin base and building, La Casa di Mamma:


Looks great!

I like this a lot ! Any US vendors ?

It looks excellent. Italian/ Mediterranean diorama possibilities

Looks awesome…like something out of a Call of Duty “Modern Warfare” videogame scene.

Not that I know, but they can be reached directly on facebook:

He has some real nice stuff ,shame is a real images
And i dont mean a Republican

Don’t know why the non Facebook website is hidden like they don’t want you to find it.

Must be a tricky
like Piet said.

Thanks Carlos for the info!!! MDMB’s offering images had me going WOW or I could really use this one. Prices seem reasonable for the quality but shipping costs… EEEEKKKK!!!

I imagine that these items are heavy.
I’d use a photo of a leader to show my point like others have done but no one knows about their countries leaders.

Yes, it took me some time to find it but referred to Facebook because for any contact or sale, they direct you there

Good points. I liked the website because you can see the catalog listing and price.

Sooooo let me translate for everybody around the world…you’re saying this MDMB guy is a crook.

I know the guy personally, and he is certainly not a crook.
The guy normally attends all Dutch modelling shows and often casts on the spot. Nice to see. And you can buy stuf on the spot ofcourse. If there is any complaint, I can redirect them to him if you want…

Soooooo let me clarify it for you,
He’s no crook to my knowledge,
As a fact …I sold him few of my rubber molds and masters that he uses and sells the copy’s under the MDMB label on his site.
Nothing wrong on the business end, got good money for them ,
He’s just a Dick ! (my personal opinion )

As long as he delivers, het personal attitude (as long as het doesn’t offend his customers) is not really important. I never had any problems with him…

Good for you :wave:

I thought you where making a joke about yourself since I noticed one of your bunkers for sale. Well egg on my face…again. Doh!

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