NEWS: MENG 1/12th Ford GT40 Progress Update

This is becoming more and more interesting. This has now moved, from “I would like to have one” to “I really need one”

I’m still waiting to actually see some pre-production pictures of the model as all we’ve ever seen is CAD drawings to date including some colored CAD generated pictures. No site including Spot Models has any more info on their site other then that the model is still coming soon which has been up for months and months, and a pre-order option as well. Who in their right mind would pre-order a kit this expensive when it still seems to be in the CAD design stage. Certainly not me.

And now Spot model is once again posting in it’s newsletter that Trumpeter 1/12 scale kit is being re-released, and that they’re now taking pre-shipping orders. Honestly, this doesn’t give me any real hope that I’m going to be seeing the Meng kit any time soon, or even at all. Remember that this kit was supposed to be released to coincide with the movie: Ford vs Ferrari last summer which would have been around the time that the LeMans 24 hr race is held, but that was pushed back months due to the pandemic.

At this point I’m now looking at 1/24 & 1/20 scale multi media kits of cars I really want to build, rather then continuing buying models of just what’s available. Of course my stash is ready to go with models, AM decals, AM, and proper Gravity paints at a moments notice.


I checked out your link, and either Meng has molded the most detailed and accurate model that I’ve ever seen, or more likely those pictures are of the real deal.

pic #1

pic 2 enlargement of pic 1 clearly is the actual car. Just check the sheet metal fabrication, the weathering, the lines, as well as the tire treads. Even the quick fill gas cap has details that I’ve never seen in model form.

pic 3

Pic 4 enlargement of pic 3

Pic 5

Carefully study that interior, it’s not a model, that sure looks like the real deal.


2018 RM Sotheby’s Monterey Sale 1966 lemans

Thank you for the additional information as to where those pictures were taken.


Meng will be releasing this beauty in 1/24 scale :grin:

Now that’s a kit I’d be interested in as the old Fujimi GT40 kits are just curbside models with basic suspensions.