NEWS: MiniArt - IDF Tank Crew

Check out the new tank crew set coming from MiniArt!


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They look nice… What sort of period would they fit into as I’m thinking of doing an IDF centurion ?

Based on the webbing, mid-late '90s onwards (the flag on the sleeve only started to appear in the late '00s-early 2010s though).

You have the following choices for these figures: Magach 6 Bet’ Gal’, Magach 7, Merkava Mk.2/3/4.

Since the religious guy wears only flak-jacket, he could actually be used with a late Shot’ (Dalet).

I don’t know how common were female tank instructors in the ‘80s, but from the’ 90s onwards shouldn’t be any problem.


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Thanks for all the info Israel :+1:

Sure mate, anytime!