NEWS: Rochm Tiger Photoetch set

Rochm announces a new set of photoetch for a Command Tiger:

It is intended for Dragon kits 6885 or 6950




And from the instructions you can see how comprehensive it is and the level of detail achieved:

AF35S01_I1 AF35S01_I2


They provide photoetched clips for the handle stowed at the bottom of the rear wall.

The targetted kits build a version of Tiger that didn’t have a handle at the bottom of the rear wall.

When we were designing 6950, we gave it a big decal sheet but we didn’t cover the Command Tigers. I can’t recall why, offhand. Maybe Rochm are on top of it.

Methinks I shall post an accuracy review of this set - thanks for the images.


Well, looks like Rochm are on top of things. The set builds on specific “non standard” Tiger, which actually did have the handle there.