NEWS: Takom 1/35 MQ-8B Fire Scout

Takom has announced another rotary wing surprise. They are showing an MQ-8B Fire Scout Drone as an upcoming release. These drones are used by the USN and are based on OH-6 technology. Very cool.

Actual drone.

More info:


That’s pretty cool, never heard of it before.

Crazy times to be a modeller, but ok, looks interesting. At the same time as a pair of Apache are hovering on the horizon. Cool.

And, Reedoak do some good US Navy figures in 1/35 to support this on the deck.

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I have an aversion against remotely controlled airplanes…

Really cool little bugger, too bad the kit doesn’t (appear) to have the little drop tanks or ECM pods on the outrigger pylons. It’s getting to the point where I’ve got to decide do I eat or buy a new kit, my debit card can’t keep up with all the neat new stuff coming out now days. Looks like Takom is jumping into the Rotary game with both feet, gotta love that.


I am not attracted by drone models, so this kit will not goes on my wish list.

I know it’s churlish - and adds no value whatsoever to this thread - but the surprise I really want from Takom is a 1:35 Westland Scout. I know, I know, I’ll crawl back under my stone!

Well done Takom on this one, really well done.

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No need to. I’d add one for the sake of the Falkland war!

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I’d love a Wasp too.

Looks like these are now available. Also, there are two drones in the box: hence 1 + 1. You can build two separate drone versions.


Takom has announced another version of the MQ-8B Fire Scout UAV. This time it is armed and has folding blades. This one looks good too.


I was just going to order the first kit. I am going wait for this version for the folded rotors.

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Boxart for the new MQ-8B version.


Nice to see more drones in 1/35.

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Don’t understand why they didn’t just do the complete kit instead of doing 2 runs . I Like the rotor fold and the weapons stor .
Think it is a April release.

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Maximising profit from their moulds.

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