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Nimix has re-released their photoetch Soviet medals and uniform insignias at 1/35

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Well these are a nice surprise. Great stuff.

These would have been far more useful as decals in my opinion; an etched badge is no good as unless affixed to a perfectly flat surface then there will be the problem of it blending in properly to the figure. After all, the real things are cloth and are sewn on to the uniforms, they are not rigid by any means.

This could have been so much better; I cannot think what Nimix were playing at. A huge waste of effort.


@BootsDMS well said. It’s almost like this image is the most useful part of the product. I suppose one could resize and print the image on decal film and use the homemade decals on the photo-etch parts after breaking the temper with a match:) :grinning: :smiley: :slightly_smiling_face:

Or just use the home made decals.

As said here, I do not think you can realistically represent these patches with a decal, adapted to the uniform, on a figure:


Let alone a medal.

Just my 1 cent.

Ditto all of the above and the same as the UN badges they offered. You would lose all the detail and the painting would just become blobs of meaningless colour…decals yes… PE :see_no_evil::thinking::cry: