No Carrier Film RFC/RAF Roundels | AeroScale

Ray Horwell has added a wide variety of RAF roundels to his range of Fantasy Printshop No Carrier Film (NCF) decals. Rowan takes a look.

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Awesome! Will there be RFC roundels with white outlines in 1/48 scale at some point?

Hi yes some of these do have white outlines if its not there let us know we may be able to di it for you
all the about are available in 1/72 , 1/48, and 1/32, Raymond Horwell Fantasy Printshop

Thanks. In the 1/72 listing there is a separate code for the white outline version 72001W but I don’t see a 48001W…

Any chance of some SEAC roundels and flashes in the various popular scales.

I guess not…