Normandy calm before the storm diorama 'Inspirations' by Michael Lee | Armorama™

Adie Roberts continues his inspirations to help inspire modellers of all abilities to work out of their comfort zone building dioramas or just trying new builds.

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I don’t post to much but I’ll make an exception here. You are an artist with rare talent. This is ‘top drawer’ work. The composition is first class and the painting is superb…all of it, but especially the figures, and especially their uniforms and faces.
If you have not yet published a book about your modelling techniques then you most certainly should. In the meantime I’ll take up knitting.
Thanks for posting these stunning images.

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Yes this is absolutely outstanding work in every respect. Figures, vehicle, groundwork and structures are all done to an extremely high degree. Amazing……

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Lovely work, being a button counter I know…but the late war figures hitching a ride don’t fit. Should be wearing early gaiters and parsons jackets for Normandy 44".

Lovely modeling work, but consulting a map would have helped the story line since Amiens is in Picardy not Normandy. Also Picardy was in the British line of advance not the American.