Normandy invasion patch help

I am doing a Normandy invasion dio. Need shoulder patch decals for either 1st or 29th Infantry. Looking at 50+ figures. Have 2 sets that have 3 each of these decals. Prefer waterslide. Archer made some 29th and I see they do have Big Red One…but are a little price prohibitive in the quantity I need. Anyone know of someone who makes 1/35 decals.

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Except for that I don’t have an answer at your question, why the strange topic title?

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I think the Archer decal sets has more patches than the transfer set but only a few more joes can be made, still expensive for your project. I don’t know of anyone else doing a sheet that would work for your project. Another option is to scan and reduce the patch you need and print your own. Worst case is those two patches are not that bad to hand paint. You can create a mask template to speed up the process a little.

Peddinghaus also makes 1/35 uniform decals, including US division shoulder insignia. But again, you’re gonna need several sets for that many figures.
If you own a laser printer, have you thought about creating your own on decal paper?


Why not just make a stencil for the green patch and use a tiny paint brush for the red 1? save you some cash for other stuff.


I can make the decals for you. Let me know if you’re interested.

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Thanks for great answers. I did make some decals. I copied an image (29th) reduced it then multiple copies. They look OK but it will be a bugger cutting them out. I also found some company that makes them for 1/56 figures . Those looked a little big for that scale so they might do. $7 so worth a shot.

Peddinghaus makes good stuff. I use a lot of it on my German HO train layout backdating steam engines and rail cars to go with my Leopold and tank hauling set ups.

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That’s a lot of figures, 50+, woof! Sounds like you got it covered. Standing by for more.