Northern Ireland Saladin Crew

The Dragon Saladin for the early 1970’s phase of the Troubles of Northern Ireland was an obvious choice, as the kit is straightforward and seems to have few problems. But I realize that I don’t know what figures to put in there or where I can get them. I do have the Osprey book on Northern Ireland of the era but even with that I wouldn’t know what to use for a vehicle crew.

I would have thought at the time before DPM. The would have worn the standard issue 1960s green combat jacket and trousers or on summer days, shirt sleeve order. Plus headgear would be berets or whatever was worn by the cavalry regiments using the Saladin.

Of course in NI the crews would have stayed inside for obvious reasons.

As for figures. I only know of Tamiya’s from their British cold war vehicles.

Check out the photo of the Saladin crewed by 17th/21st Lancers on the “Looking for details on British Armour in Northern Ireland” thread. Inside the Armour used to make etched 1:35 scale versions of the Lancer cap badge (“motto”). I have the set somewhere but can’t find it!

Firing Line have the figures you want (British AFV crew in parkas).