Not every one got eye for the enemy

don’t know it’s one the right place, but it’s no SF and there are soldiers on it.

The base is a MB box, slightly converted some figures but the challenge was building the dio.
the idea is two bathing nurses on a hidden place somewhere in Italy late 44
Just take of the clothes of the nurses, there thinking there alone at the waterfall.
between building, painting the figures i don’t gone change.

(upload://aPKcHgnmcEDPGRMB9ZMgprDMC6h.jpeg) DSC_4708 DSC_4709

the figures are not that bad, small gaps on the fittings bud they will do

DSC_4715 DSC_4716 DSC_4717 DSC_4718 DSC_4719 DSC_4720 DSC_4721 DSC_4722 DSC_4723 DSC_4724 DSC_4730 DSC_4731 DSC_4732 DSC_4733 DSC_4734

The first settings as a try out

Img0977 Img0978 Img0979 Img0980 Img0981 Img0982 Img0983 Img0984

Between building, painting the figures

DSC_4737 DSC_4740 DSC_4741 DSC_4742 DSC_4743 DSC_4744 DSC_4745 DSC_4746 DSC_4747

Creating some trees another plants from the thing I have

Img0990 Img0991 Img0992

And still painting on the figures.

Img0960 Img0961 Img0962 Img0963 Img0964 Img0969 Img0970 Img0971 Img0972 Img0973 Img0974 Img0975

And dry fitting again to create something realistic, the palm tree hiding the two airborne the German not visible for airborne the line of sight for the lady’s

Working the figures in to the base

(upload://rQxTKKFzNmgJt5VP5D1jXs8fWUp.jpeg) ![Img1223|445x500]

Creating some small thing for the lady’s to get the scene complete.

And some photo’s of the complete dio, (I thought)

Hope you like it a bit, it’s something I have made 5 years ago.

Grtx Jan



Nice scene. Never been to Italy so I don’t really know but the foliage looks more ‘tropical’ to me
Nonetheless, nice diorama.


Nice figure… I means figures lol ! Are those from master box ? They look pretty good. Did US Paras mix their uniform tops and bottoms ? Good job on the painting .

Just used the reference at the box
Mostly I use MB as base to create custom figures, but there good for the price.
And the last boxes are really amazing

Yes they make some good figures