Not Scraping Seam Lines No More

Thanks to Lt Hanley of Combat!, in the interest of authenticity, I no longer need to scrape off seam lines.



Should that be in a few cases!

Excellent tip!
Based on the assumption that the mold joints could be positioned following the line of that seam/decoration
:wink: :grin:

Yes that’s not always the case. Some figures especially resin ones have mold shifts or are worn out to the point where you have to do a lot of cleanup.

That is a very clean cast of the arm and especially the hand. Usually the seam extends onto the edge of the hand and little finger. Then along the tips of the fingers like long nails :grin:

Especially loved it on Old School figures where the molding seam ran right up the middle of the figure’s face! :rage:
:grin: :canada:


Yeah I used to pass it off as battle scars lol!

It wasn’t a molding seam,
it was a facial feature …
extremely sharp nosed fellows …
Sharp cut facial features and all that romantic mumbo jumbo in literature
aimed at ladies …

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I think those Figures were modeled from Al pacino.

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