Nothing special - Tamiyas old AAV7A1 (Finished)

Some progress. I sprayed everything with several shades of desert colors and started constructing the bunker roof.


I thought I would be able to finish this project during the weekend, but that did not happen… I blame drying time for clay and paint…
However, I got the general outlay of the bunker ready. This took more work than I expected. There is still a lot to do before I can call it finished. In addition I have managed to paint some stuff to «furnishing» the bunker, as weapons, helmets, bedrolls, mags, etc to give the effect of a hasty retreat. The sandbags are from Italeri since I´m too lazy to make them myself.


I´m very close to finish now. Give me one more hour and I assume the whole thing will be ready. In the meantime, here is a picture of the bunker interior after the Iraqis fled.


Finished! This took a bit longer then planned, but it was fun. I don´t think any bits in this build is younger than 20 years, so they have been slumbering in the stash for a while. The figures from Dragon are a bit «blury» when it comes to casting, which makes them a bit hard to paint, but I´m happy about how they turned out. The AAV is showing its age compared to the newer ones from Hobbyboss, but IMHO it is still possible to make a nice model from an old kit.
Here are the pictures.


Some more pictures


Erik - oldies but goldies. It looks very good. I believe you had fun. The DRAGON figures look really good. Congratulations


Out-friggin-standing results with old, simple materials. A nice tight build and your paint work is exceptional.


Outstanding work on this. Not a complaint, more of a query, would those soldiers have left those AKs laying around with the magazines still in them? Wayne


Of course they would. The enemy left only 10 seconds ago :wink:

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And they are Marines, not soldiers :grin:


The dio looks great. Excellent job.

Yes, saw bunkers like that with loaded weapons discarded and laying all over the place in Iraq on the invasion in '03.


Not arguing, just would have thought securing weapons would be priority unless suspecting booby traps. Relying on 50 year old memories. Any way excellent work. Wayne

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Very nicely done. Lots of nice detail going on there. The only thing that stands out that might need correction is some of the sprue gates leftover on a few of the sand bags.

Okay, maybe two things - if they were in such a hurry as to leave their weapons, they’d have left lesser things, like their water bottles used for ablution. Every Iraqi carried one.

Only dropped once!

The only weapons I found with magazines in them had someone lying next to them. (YMMV)

Your bunker does look legit. Our AO was so gangsta even the dogs had one. :rofl:

Night hit:



I was a little too busy to take pics.


Never? For intel purposes we always took pics. SOP.

Doggone it, maybe I just wasn’t busy enough over there. :roll_eyes:


I didn’t even have a good nor digital camera back then. Just disposable box cameras that were used to take pics of the guys and our buddies, not much else. Regular artillery guys didn’t usually take pics for intel purposes.

We did round up loose weapons and turned them in to an MP unit when we were stopped long enough. They disposed of them by lining them up and running a tracked vehicle over them. Some really nice weapons were destroyed that way.


Congratulations on finishing your AAV7A1! The entire diorama is very well done. All the details on the vehicle and around the dugout make it very interesting to examine. The camouflage pattern on the uniforms looks really good.