Nun nun from AK

I received my copy of the french magazine Steemasters and noticed an advertising from AK which shows a NunNun as new plastic kit!!! Great news!


Yup. AK I teractive is really putting out some nice soft skins as of late.


The Dodge power wagons were used in reserve units well into the 90’s and some units kept them into the early 2000’s the Nun Nun Uganda, whom they were built for back before the Entebbe Iggy is a different beast then the PW. Piss poor brakes, steering box made a Landover series 1 look like a precision driving machine. They’re really dangerous to drive around in. Though we did rolling them in Lebanon and up armored version with centerline seats down the back with a little extra armor more like a slow moving Target but that’s my personal opinion from riding in them


And a very nice kit it is :wink:

With more surprises in the way…

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