NVA BTR40A build

Here’s something I made a few years back, and aside from Facebook back then I’ve never shared online. A full build article can be found in Inside the Armour-Soviet Armour in Foreign Wars book.

The base vehicle is the Trumpeter kit, the turret is MMK with some Master Models turned brass barrels and the figure is from Paracel Miniatures. The paper plants might be from J’s Work, Im not certain, it’s been awhile.

-oh, and DEF Model wheels too!


Nice, like the base! :+1:

Ken that is a fantastic job! Paint job and weathering are excellent! Love the flag too and the base is great. What did you do to weather it ?
And what color did you use ?

@salep Thanks!

@metalhead85 If you mean for the base color, it was a custom mix. I have no idea what the ratios were of each color and I did alter it a couple times and sprayed hairspray in between layers, later chipped revealing the different shades. My idea was to show an older vehicle that had exchanged hands and repainted a few times before ending up here.

All the weathering was done with enamels and oils.

Looks amazing really like that style of finish. Are the tires after market? Great job weather them too.

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The resin MMK turret kit came with tires so I originally planned to use them but they were just casts of the trumpeter kit tires and rims.

if you look closely you can see the space between the rim and the rubber is unrealistically huge. It’s just a huge pet peeve of mine on models when the bead looks like it would just let all the air out, just kills any realism for me and I can’t unsee it.

I ended up using DEF Model wheels on the final model.

Love it. Beautiful job bro!

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Exceptional model Ken, really like the aged weathered appearance. I agree, the flag adds a nice visual and color variation, this is PVA soaked tissue?


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The lower case function triggered when the A in the last word was upper case.
I added the letters ’ build’ to make the auto-correct happy …

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@agincajun Thanks Terry, the flag is actually lead foil on a piece of brass rod.

@Robin_Nilsson Thanks Robin I appreciate it, and now I know how to pull it off next time.

Very nice job!

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Thanks Patrick!