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I was a Gepard tank commander in 1984.

During trainings and exercises, fast things like Tornado, F-16, … we had for breakfast.

A pair of A-10 were outmatching a team of 3 Gepard but we could usually scare them of with placing the tanks strategically on the map whereby each Gepard was protecting the other two.

Helicopters, like the Cobra were extremily difficult to handle. We could often hear them but could only see them when they jumped above the tree line. Then it was an issue of who shot first


A neat looking helicopter. I have had this one for a while.

I like that Red Fox did a 3d raised instruments for the kit.

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That’s very interesting; nothing like hearing first hand experience - thanks.

The trouble is, I really don’t need another tangent or rabbit hole to disappear down!

It would look really good alongside my 1:35 Bundeswehr collection but I feel enough is enough; mind you, if it came out in 1:35…

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beware what you are asking for …
first a Bo 105, then a HUEY in German service and maybe a Seaking in German ivery, followed by an Apache to fill out the collection (off-shoot from the HUEY tree …), maybe som USSR helos to show the opposition …

Revell did do a 1/32 kit though …

just stating the facts, not implying that you should get one, not at all, wouldn’t cross my mind, honestly,
but the scale difference could be used to create an artificial distance, helo in the foreground and a
vehicle (1/35, 1/48 or even smaller) in the background …

Go for it!

Just bought a 1980’s era Hawagawa 1/48 F4 Phantom II and haven’t built a jet in nearly ~35+ years or any aircraft in ~25+ years.

The sprues look so alien :alien: :flushed: it put decades long lost wonder back into the hobby for me.

The price of the kit was worth it to feel long forgotten feeling again even if it’s never built.


There are in fact several good looking iterations of the Bo 105 and I am sorely tempted. I don’t really mind the scale difference that much - I do sometimes mix and match with 1:35 when there’s no other option, but given the trend of helicopters coming out in 1:35, I think I’ll hold fire. It’s not like I’ve nothing else to build or even complete.

There is some good stuff out there already (Trumpeter’s Sov stuff for instance), and Takom’s efforts. I also have the Panda 1:35 Huey which I hope to utilise (one day) to replicate a German machine that transported me from one HQ to another when I was sacked on exercise (another story).

Who knows? Perhaps one day a Westland Scout, Gazelle, or even a Bo 105!


On an Airshow (Le Bourget I think), a few years ago, i got in conversation with a few US pilots and crew of the Apache, the A-10 and F-16. I described my experience and told them how we organised ourselves to protect ourselves and the convoys/armoured columns/camps we joined.

Throughout the conversation I was of the impression that the A-10 pilot already kew all our tactics :slight_smile: but it was great to hear how they prevented from being demolished by us :slight_smile:

When the Gepard left for Ukraine, I was convinced that it would do well, and (although I have no merit whatsoever in this conflict) I remain proud that “MY” tank is performing well.