Old 30’s Farm tractors at 1/35th scale. | Armorama™

Drums and Crates releases two models of 3D resin printed old 30’s tractors .

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Fordson F twins ?


Yes, models are based on the Fordson F tractors manufactured in the Corck factory on the 20’s.
Some modifications has been performed on the original model.

The exhaust looks a bit thick?

The manifold? Did early tractors not have mufflers?

Funny thing, before fuel pumps, every vehicle had the gasoline tank above the carburetor. My dad remembered that the old cars, pre gas pump, had the fuel spigot to the engine situated so that it the tank was not completely full the cars had to back up the hill if it was a steep hill. We were in Vicksburg Mississippi which is a town totally placed on a series of steep abrupt hills, some of which, even in a modern car, looks too steep to drive either up or down. However, the locals must do that and think nothing of it!

Still, these kits look nice. I wonder if this particular kit bears a resemblance to the MK35 farm tractor. When I found out that MK35 was going out of business I made a lot of purchases to make sure I could get their greatly useful kits that I did not already have. Now they are out of business and hopefully, someone will buy it. They had an edge on producing excellent models of real buildings and accessories from the Normandy area because they were very close and could actually see what they were going to reproduce in scale. And their range of civilian stores, houses, farm animals and town and country 1/35 people allows you to build a French pre wars farm, countryside and village. I also bought a lot of the 1/35 figures which have not been in production for decades from RJ Minatures when the owner died and his wife sold all the stock at half price or less. Some of those old figure kits looked pretty bad in their catalogue because the painter did a terrible job. The kits unpainted look pretty good and some are excellent. Some of the 1/35 figures were intentionally made to look obese and funny looking faces. Gosh, lost MK35 and TMD at the same time, and a few other figure/after market company owners are getting on in life. Well, I got on with life myself, and remember when a lot of folks were young and full of enthusiasm. But when you start treating customers like they are the bain of your life, its time for everyone to go home!

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No muffler.
The worst part of the design is that the exhaust pipe is close to the ground where there can be dry vegetation.
A tractor sometimes drives through tall dry vegetation. The tailpipe can get seriously hot,
and, depending on the tuning of the engine, also spit out sparks.
That is why modern/modernised tractors have the exhaust pipe upwards, sometimes with a
contraption to catch/extinguish sparks.

The Lanz Bulldog had a one cylinder hot bulb engine, maybe it had a higher probability of producing sparks …

I have heard that the exhaust manifold on some tractor engines was symmetrical so that it could be turned either way, exhaust down or exhaust up.

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Robin I totally agree with you on the manifolds being a tad heavy. Since this is 3D printed I would certainly like to see better / more accurate detail on the engine.

Also I am not familiar with a tractor that exhausts to the rear like a car. I think I would add a vertical stack.