Old-Skool superchopper - AMT's Airwolf (OOB)

Quick question: What’s black and white and is technologically -inconsistent-with-modern-military-hardware all over? Think about it… Nothing? Okay, I’ll give you a hint; it’s also retro-as-heck (and involves Ernest Borgnine). No? Well, if you’re stuck, I forgive you. If you’re not, though, you’ve already reached the right answer:


This ridiculously overpowered Bell 222 was one of the most popular of the ‘80s TV supervehices, and with Hellfire missiles, machine guns and afterburners, it tore up the screen in the mid-80s! No wonder then that Airwolf was also made available as a model, since kids were still into modelling at that time.

I came across this particular kit recently and thought that the winter was a perfect time to dive into some cool retro ‘80s sci-fi. Check out this decent, although somewhat minimal-effort offering from AMT at the link below, and make sure you’ve got your mesh T-Shirt on and synth ready while you do it!

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