Older Builds

Hello all, I have been off this site for some time now but at my mid-60s I figured I start again. The last time I was on there was a gentleman with the user name FlorinM that was scratch building a fantastic German Maus tank (among others). I was wondering if anybody ever saw the finished product.? It was very well documented and a nice inspiration.

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Welcome back Larry, and yes I was following the Maus build, it was looking fantastic and you were making some amazing detailing for it. Did you finish it ?
The link above goes up to page we and from page 9 none of the pictures you loaded are showing… I just get a no entry sign where the image should be ??
Anyway hope you are well and hopefully we can see the Maus and anything else you have been doing …

Hi John,
The guy who was posting it was Florin Moldovan from Romania. Larry was just saying he was a fan of the thread like you are.


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Whoops, cheers Jim… That’s what happens when your tired and speed reading late at night and not paying attention :+1:

Hey no worries…would love to take credit. Shame we couldn’t see finished product… or that B-29 he was working on…

FYI I have emailed Florin to see if we can’t get him to respond. :wink:

That would be great! Appreciate the effort… I do hope he is well.