? On Bf 110 C-4 by Revell 1/32 2007 kit

I got a question on the above kit. Is it fairly easy to build and is it a decent kit. Im getting rid of my stash of armor due to age and health. But seen this in a local Thrift Shop Brand NEW. I wanted one since the 70’s when I first started building aircraft and couldnt pass this up.

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That kit is based on the Dragon kit. If you search for info on those builds–and there are several plus a plethora of rivet-counter specials and what-to-look-for blogs and WIPs–it should answer all your questions.

Curious as to what the thrift shop was asking, as I have three of these (1 D-3 and 2 E-2’s) I bought when Dragon’s Cali warehouse had a huge sale; $30 a pop off a $120 retail.

I got it for $21. I wanted to get the Night fighter version decades ago but never did. Seen this one on a shelf and something inside me clicked.

I know Revell was selling it at a lower price point but even so $21 is well worth it. I have not started any of mine, as I need to create an area for my larger kits that will be guest-proof (You know what I’m talking about) but from what I understand they result in a great build but there are challenges along the way so that is why I recommend searching for the old info. Pretty sure the early incarnation of these sites has many archived, and Largescaleplanes.com has some as well.

Maybe if I can find my bookmarks I will post them here later. I have 100’s and of course nothing is sorted.

That would be very helpful. Id really appreciare it. I think for X-mas Im getting the Nightfighter.