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ICM new items November 2023

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Anybody know what this is about?

Looking at the adjacent white color droplet reference… is this some sort of commercialized Sprue Goo?


It is a type of glue I will stay far away from.

They also have an acrylic thinner illustrated with the same droplet.
I guess the intention was to say ‘transparent’.
Coloured glue could be ok but not a thinner …

Pure solvents for me thanks.

Edit: Isn’t sprue goo a sort of DIY plastic cement?

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I thought sprue goo is a home-made putty, dissolving plastic sprues in a jar of liquid cement. Very useful on resin, but can be too fierce to use on plastic kits depending on how “soft” the plastic is, thanks to the large amount of solvent in the goo…

Yes and yes. I was just wondering about the advertised product. Is ICM trying to market something along that line? Undoubtably, they’ve got tons of waste plastic in need of recycling. Just curious as to what that stuff was — more glue, I guess?


I see. Looking at the advert I assume it’s just good old liquid poly cement.