? On Sturmtiger tracks

Hi i was going through my stash and decided to keep and start a build of my Tamiya 1/35 Sturmtiger. Kit # 35177. I really hate individual track links. So Im planning on getting the AFV CLUB single one piece tracks. Which ones would be proper? They list transport tracks for Tiger I and Sturmtiger and the early and the mid/late set. Which one would be proper or doesnt it matter.

Seeing that the vehicle was produced between October 1943 – January 1945, I am
inclined to suggest mid to late tracks.

PS note that I am no expert on the matter.

Maybe the experts will chime in with a definite answer.

Mid-late tracks.


If it fits your budget, I would recommend Tankraft tracks:

I am finishing the review and I can tell you they are really easy to work with, as they come clean and you just need to insert one pin on each side. For the track links I tested, none needed to be drilled.

In one afternoon you can have both tracks ready, workable and with a realistic sag of your choice.

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You can go on early tracks too !
The well-known Sturmtiger at Brumby/Calbe had early track.

I made the Sturmtiger scratch while there was nothing and I had to convert the Tamiya indy late tracks to early tracks…