One for the T 72 experts

The latest iteration of the T 72B3, is it a T 72B3 Ober 2016? Or a T 72B3M or a T 72B3/B4? Specifically we are talking about the T 72 with Relikt sideskirts and added armour to the turret, bar armour and the upgraded engine and not the biathlon tank with the panoramic sight. Every picture seems to be titled differently and it seems to be referred to differently depending where you go, anyone know definitively?

I believe the B3 Mod 2016.

I think the M is not actually in service in Ukraine.

And Meng call it a B3M, although the trumpeter B3M is the one from the biathlon, this is where my confusion lays, it used to be as Trumpeter has it, the obr 2016 and the B3M (with panoramic sight) lately some sites are referring the obr 2016 as an B3M some go so far as to say B4 an image search will bring up both, plus there is a newer version coming? I am not particularly bothered whether it is deployed or not, just want to make sure I name it right :grin:

I think Meng has mislabeled their kit by adding the M.

I am a bit wary of trusting kit manufacturers, they are not always 100% but after a bit more digging it seems, that what used to be obr 2016 is in fact now a B3M, Gurkhan refers to it as a B3M as does recomonkey and the Sturgeonhouse thread about soviet tanks (I know it’s no longer soviet but covers modern developments) all 3 are Russian sources. There is now a newer upgraded version being built, whether that gets a new designation but for now it’s still a B3M.