One for you IDF heavy metal trainspotters

Found on the web, full credit image owner, a Merk II engineering vehicle

I was looking for images of the M109 driver training vehicle, found this instead. There’s more but I’m late already.


Nice find, Kylie! Looks like a Mk.3 based Ofek optimized for company level technical support, otherwise known as ‘Chatap’.

Wow, weirdly interesting looking vehicle! Especially ones in the background, it looks like some zombie vehicle with its head and limbs chopped off. :smiley:

Thanks gents,

@James, yes, I’ve thought the same about the M992 FAASV as being some post-apoc RV thing.

Anyway, here’s another view of a vehicle I’d like to see in resin…


"הסרנו צריח, בנינו תא צוות ממוגן": צה"ל חושף נגמ"ש חדש - וואלה! חדשות great video of this vehicle, enough to scratch build it. The question being do I buy a Merk 3 kit to convert, with a high likelihood that by the time I get to it, there is a kit out, or a resin conversion? Meng are you out there?

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How nice, they use the type of crane as found on the M985 HEMTT :blush:


Its called Pereg…