One piece track options

I was wondering how the AFV CLUB one piece tracks are. Most kits today come with individual track links which I hate. And the old Tamiya kits with those funky plastic one piece tracks just dont cut it. Im looking at these as an option. But have never had any experience with them. What do you guys say?

My experiences with those have not been good. They have tended to be quite sensitive to heat, environment, and paints, and end up breaking.

I’ve had problems with paint flaking off the AFV Clubs tracks during weathering. Especially where they wrap around the sprockets and idlers. Kind of frustrating when your nearing the finish line.

Do they glue together easy?

Mixed results there. I’ve had some glue ok, but couldn’t get them glued on a recent Churchill build. Ended up stapling them. That was an option with the Churchill with the top run hidden under the fenders.

I’ve used them on 3 or 4 US subject kits with no problems. They glued well and didn’t have any issues with paint adhesion. I do prime them. They are well molded; but as with all rubber band tracks have a mold parting seam on the edges.

I find the AFV soft tracks to be too soft and really fit badly around sprocket and idler. I did use some on a Tamiya Centurion as the Tamiya’s are one-sided only (old model) and these had better detail. I replace them on new AFV club kits though.