Opel Maultier/Blitz cargo bed

Does anyone know what the floor of these cargo beds would of been finished in .
Would they leave them in a natural wood finish, or base coat along with the rest of the vehicle ?
I looked online but can’t get any real decent original pics of the floors.

Johnny, I’ve always painted mine in base coat. Of course with heavy use I don’t suppose it would last long. I tend not to camo paint though, as the load bed is “inside” under the tarp.


I’m glad yours was the first reply… Your thoughts have echoed mine… The base coat and a weathering down to the wood as this is going to be a engineering maint vehicle with a crane on the back… Base coat it is !! :grin:

Since a loadbed has a hard life, with the hard handling of the cargo, there is no reason to paint it at all.
I always paint them in natural wood colors with a copious amount of weathering on top…

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I think I will doing a mix of both suggestions as this is having a crane fitted to it, that load area will of had a tough life. So will do or try and achieve a wood effect with a wash of base colour in the corners. Thanks guys

This is how I did mine (Zvezda Mercedes L-4500)

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That looks really good. Like that finish on the cargo bed. That’s hopefully similar to what I hope to achieve. Thanks for showing it.

Actually, it was quite simple: after a black primer, a base coat of old wood (Vallejo Panzer Aces), followed by a wash of burned umber oil paint. next a splattering of black diluted oil paint. Last a thorough application of Europe dust pigments. Cést tout!


I think about doing the same thing but putting the miniart crane on the Zis-5V.

You doing that for Miniart campaign @Tank_1812 ?

I will be following that technique very closely @golikell … it’s got a good authentic look to it.

@Johnnych01 Thanks… I have a couple of cargo beds of railroad cars ahead.
A earlier trial was not bad, but less structured… Dunno anymore what I did exactly with this one…

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I thinking either a WLA or T-80 for that campaign. A Zis-5V could be used with the miniart crane and wheels, maybe combine with the T-80 for a dio later, idk just dreaming at this point before it becomes a nightmare at execution.

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I’m doing my crane on the Opel Maultier. Looking forward to it. We can compare notes on the crane build.

I think the good thing with wood colouring is they are all pretty unique in the natural form, so variations can always be expected… And not to overly worry to much about it.

We can do that, I just ordered mine with the wheels. I think I still have the Italeri kit but only saw the Eastern Express kit in stash.

One way to make the variation is to use different colors as the base. I did this about a decade ago. It took a photobucket watermark hit but you can still see the difference.

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