Opening Header Photograph

I know this remark will be as my screaming in the wilderness . . . . however.

People - when you start a new thread please don’t just put up a title and then just jump into the discussion as though everyone on the site already knows and understands your topic of conversation.

I suggest you have AT LEAST one photograph to define your topic - use the model box art, or an original historical photo or a photo of a finished model. SOMETHING.

We all come to this site to learn new things but when you just jump into your topic without first “setting the scene,” the rest of us who may otherwise be interested start off right away, behind the curve.

If I should do a thread on super detailing the 1/32 Lysander kit I am not just going to jump in assuming everyone knows about the British Lysander aircraft and its’ use during WWII. Nor am I going to assume that everyone has seen the movie “Allied” in which it plays an important roll.

I suggest you start with a title, show some representative photos of the subject. Then a little opening explaination of what direction you are going in with your statements or questions and only then begin your discussion.

Help the rest of us to get one the same page with you before you start the discussion.