Operation Anthropoid

Thanks Jerry & good to hear from you. I guess if nothing else this was an example of over-reach, too much & too long to do it the kind of justice I’d originally intended. I think a more episodic approach such as yours, where each episode can stand alone as well as being part of a larger narrative, is the better way to go. Live & learn :+1:


Hey whatever works for you my son !

i think that this effort deserves its own website, or at least two large articles on this website, on on : the building of, and one on the story of what actually happened through the project lens

Thanks Drab I do appreciate the sentiment, but I suspect most guys on this site are still exhaling with relief that this project’s finally wrapped, and I know just how they feel. I imagine those that were interested enough have scrolled through (and still can) the entire thing.

I guess there might be a case for setting up a dedicated site for (say) the Top Ten Myths about the assassination, and why they are myths. As for the building-of, well that’s predominantly what all the images & text I posted were about, and the story through the lens is the (very imperfect) final set of images.

Perhaps a Top Ten Screw-ups or Difficulties of the build (?) but that would include most of it! Right now I’m just enjoying my rehab from it :face_with_spiral_eyes:


All that are very good ideas for a website that should contain all of those.

I am on Aeroscale/kitmaker since … ??? and I have several marvels seen passing by like all the info surrounding the battle of Mogadishu… and your massive project does qualify :slight_smile: , perhaps its the most worthy for eternal fame.

Unfortunately, when being on a forum, the info is slowly vanishing and disapearing in the mass of threads, much more than when it is an article, or a set of articles.

Perhaps this is somethign for staff Jim to consider: to have a dedicated part of the website for timeless projects like yours


I agree it’s a shame everything we all do here inevitably fades beneath a mass of newer threads…much like we all will…there’s a cheery thought to start the day.

I remember some time ago suggesting a Hall of Fame kind of sub-forum, derived from members nominating & then voting at the end of each year for the (say) 5 best completed projects of that year. It didn’t get any traction, perhaps because the election process would have been fairly technical – and possibly liable to corruption e.g. multiple self-votes :rofl:. Presumably very few agreed with the idea anyway.

A simpler version might be to create a forum/Gallery containing projects/threads which had accrued a certain high number of Likes. But even that’s problematic because Likes include the Original Poster liking other members’ comments, and members liking other members’ comments, which kinda skews the total in terms of how popular the actual project was.

Whatever, I’m just trying to think of some way of keeping the most popular past projects in sight (they would hopefully include at least some with a fairly high degree of research), which is what you’re proposing.


Well done Tim! It really has been an amazing journey and you are an inspiration to us all. Talk about perseverance…

As luck would have it I have finally found my way to the fair city of Prague. Yesterday we visited the National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrichiad, the church where these brave men fought their last stand a few weeks after the assassination.

It was very moving. It is important that we continue to remember those who gave their lives in such a just cause and your diorama has certainly helped us all to do so. Bravo!


Thanks Tim, you’re most kind and I so envy your location! We had plans to go there several years ago but alas Susie got sick – to be honest I’m not sure how useful it would have been for the project, but even though the Liben bend has been significantly remodelled since WW2 I’d still have liked to have seen it in person…if only to check my overall 1:35 scale measurements :upside_down_face: :straight_ruler: :triangular_ruler: As you say very moving.


Sorry to hear that you haven’t made it over here Tim, although your research has been so thorough that it’s hard to imagine you have missed anything!

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