Operation sea lion WIP

Currently doing a ‘What If’ diorama for operation Sea Lion, here’s what I have so far. Now I’m trying to determine the best way to place everything.

Coa 1:

Coa 1 B:

Coa 2 :

Coa 2 B:

These are the two best ways to display the tank that’s been knocked out. Now it’s just I’m trying to figure out what the most realistic way to display the gun crew. Thanks in advance

Cool idea! The base looks a bit bonsai or is that just temporary? At first I thought it was on the beach but they’re paratroopers so dropped inland…? Great tank, I’m no expert so never seen it before – if abandoned an open hatch makes the point best :tumbler_glass:

So the base is a picture frame that I got from Walmart and then I built up the sides using balsa wood, it’s a bit high I’ll admit but it works for this dio, it adds a little more drama I think. The balsa wood was easy to use but there’s some cracks in the corner that I’ll fix with wood putty after I’m finished then I’ll give it a coat of paint.

The dio is supposed to depict a what if airborne drop behind the beach head, they have just repelled a counter attack by British armor coming across a field and have decided to push up to a new battle position behind a road. The British tank i have here is ‘knocked out’ but also rusted up and old. It’s supposed show that the British were desperate and needed to scrap together every piece of equipment they could find to repel an invasion. A good fix for that may be me adding an entry hole to show it was hit?