Opinion Needed!

I messed up the wall/door in the back so bad. I feel it would be better if I ripped it of/ gently removed it. Am I right in thinking so?


Looks good to me. Looks alien :alien: environment to me.

What do you feel like needs tweaked on the door?

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That blue stuff was supposed to look like ice and the snow on the door shows my actual brush strokes. :laughing: Thanks by the way.

Looks good to me man! Is the whole base scratch built?

Maybe paint over the “ice” and try to make a frosty surface?
Try on something else first …

Thanks and yeah, MDF coaster base, XPS foam the rest except the wood of the door is lolly/popsicle sticks.

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Good call, I think I’ll try Gloss Modge Podge. See if it shines more ‘icy’.

Ice and snow is notoriously difficult …

Looks great as it is, you could just say its painted stonework if all else fails.

Blame it on the graffiti kids in the area …

Looks like he caught one of the graffiti kids and now he is laying on the steps… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Adding some touch of matt/satin white before and after the gloss cote might add some deep to the ice. It is more than salvageable considering how well you did the rest.

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