Ordering from modelhobbies?

hello, anyone can share his experience on this site? I’m looking for airliner but I got mixed review on other forum.

Thanks for your answer!

I have used the company on many occasions and if concerned just purchase via their Ebay store.

For what it’s worth…



FWIW I’ve had no trouble buying from them on ebay, but I have seen the reviews and horror stories of others. Not sure if it helps that I’m in the UK so no cross-border issues? And my purchases have been cheap enough that I wouldn’t cry too much if it went wrong.

I was ordering from them at the beginning of the apocalypse when stock was really low where I am.

Placed I think 3 largish orders via their website over a few months. Everything arrived as described, intact and reasonably fast even with transatlantic Covid related postal delays.

Haven’t used them in probably a year though now that stock has improved locally

Complaints about combined postage make little sense to me as they only charge postage on the first item and give discounts on the more you buy. The complaints I believe relate to items that were note ordered at the same time and postage was charged on each which their systems make make difficult to overcome. I have had over 20 orders with zero issues both direct and via Ebay.

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by direct you mean via their website? so if I want to get the BOAC concorde from them, it’ll be delivered well to france

I see no reason why not from my experience with them. If you are worried about Trust Pilot results take a look here as an alternate. Jadlam Toys & Models - Buy Toys & Models Online - Search Results for "concorde"

I’m also looking to get the légende heller gift set with the caravelle wich seem to have get verry rare now when I see the huge price on ebay

I have never used them but

Also when on ebay the shipment is not automatically combined at the time of paying there is an option that I do not remember the exact name to request the recalculation of the price to the seller for these cases, I have just ordered from the States 5 sets of decals and used this system and the seller was complaining because too many people appear to pay and then complaining and ask for discounts,vouchers…

I don’t have shipping method avaiable for france

Email the company and request a price for postage to France and if they are willing.