Ordering Meng sprues

I need sprue D from a Meng Merkava 4, and tried ordering from Customer Support. The order was declined as I don’t own a kit of the Merkava 4, nevermind I’ve two Namer and four Achzarit kits. Is there any other way I can buy this sprue?


How did they find out that you do not own the kit?
Did they ask and you answered? Ask for some sort of control/verification code
somewhere in the box or one the instructions?
If it was about some code, could someone else provide the code/verification?

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I have just asked Takom to buy sprues for a kit I don’t own & they are ok with that, subject to availability & postage.

Thanks Robin, exactly that. I sent both codes for the Namers, but no joy.

@Jon, odd, different companies, different policies huh,