Ordering on alieexpress?

hello, how reliable are the model seller there? I’m tempted to get border tiger 1 there because it’s somewhat cheaper here (and also, I want a challenging kit).

Thanks for your answer!

As with any other seller: check their ratings, number of sales and time online and decide… I guess you will find good, average and bad ones.

If you don’t provide more information it is hard to say whether they are reliable or not.

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I bought a lot of things from the site and never had problems, a couple of things arrived broken or did not arrive at all and the sellers but they immediately gave my money back

I’ve bought several items on AliExpress, successfully. Delivery could be a while, because everything is on…“the slow boat from China”. :woozy_face:
With AliExpress’s reputation, make sure your kit is not a cheap Chinese knock-off! :sweat_smile:

so if I see 15 model sold off, that mean I can get it right? tiger border - Achat en ligne | Aliexpress