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Crusader vs M13/40 and German Soldier vs British Soldier 1918, new from Osprey in August

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I’ll very likely get the Crusader vs. M13/40 volume. It will be interesting to read what the author has to say about the two. Italian armor in North Africa never gets the credit it deserves as a mainstay of the Axis forces. Here it’s on the front cover for a change.

Sigh… Still waiting for one of the major injection molding kit manufacturers to give us an accurate M13/40 as well as an M11/39. Two armor subjects that had significant impact on the war in North Africa, neither of which has been offered as injection molded kits.

(The Italeri M13/40 is really an M14/41 - and finally re-re-boxed as such - and the Tamiya kit is a strangly inaccurate mish-mash of M13/40 and M14/41 features, being neither one nor the other.)

Perhaps being on the cover of an Osprey book will finally get the M13/40 the love it deserves.


I agree Mike. It would be nice to have some accurate updated plastic versions of Italian armor.


Total agree, Mike.

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