Other auto-modelling sites

Hi Guys.
I’m new to this. At least I haven’t done any car modelling for many, many years, way before the internet had any impact on our lives/hobbies.
What other websites (apart from Facebook) do you guys look at apart from Autorama, particularly if you have an interest in modelling Formula 1 and single-seater racing?

Not a car guy myself,but Finescale.com has a Auto Section on their Forum,not sure how extensive.

You can check out Forums - Model Cars Magazine Forum, They have an “Other Racing” section for just about anything other than NASCAR & drag racing.


We really don’t want to encourage our valued members to be trotting around all over the interwebs now, do we. :thinking:

Motorsport Modeling Home | Motorsport Modeling (proboards.com) is a very focussed forum specifically for model racing vehicles with a lot of ex-drivers in the ranks.

Cheers, D

Welcome to AutoModeler, you’re going to really like it here.

I’ve been a member of KitMakers for over 14 years, and when i made the switch back to cars over Aircraft, I also joined Motorsport Modeling which is mostly closed wheel tin tops. The site covers every facet of racing you can think of, and then some. Everything is in a forum format that then breaks down into sub forum categories. There’s one forum that’s for all open wheel cars that then sub divides in F1 by era, USAC, Indy Cars, Dirt, etc. Then there’s the sister site which is dedicated to Open Wheel with the same format but has one forum and sub forums dedicated to Tin Tops.

You’ll find me almost mostly on the Motorsport Modeling site using my name: Joel just like here which I still consider my home site.