Otto Skorzeny | Armorama

The Bodi released a new figure in 1/35 scale depicting a famous German Obersturmbannführer.

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Why so many ‘nopes’ I wonder? Did they get the scar wrong?

It could be the awkward position of the boots that people noticed?


I find all of The Bodi’s figures have something that just looks off about them. Not a fan.

Maybe because he was an unrepentant nazi.

I doubt it. If that were the case, no one would build any German WWII armor and figures.

Without I hope disparaging for the sake of it, I agree; their LRDG set are way off in webbing and other details (I know I must sound like a broken record) but there’s enough examples of the real thing available for designers/manufacturers to get it right, yet they don’t.

These two deranged individuals are the best example to me of how "F"ed up their figures are. WTF?

A tad grotesque I must admit; clearly a case for Hornet Heads if ever there were one.

Geez…Definitely a case of “Dogleg”

Should have had him (the figure) pictured beside an average 1/35 figure to check if he is approximately the right height - 6’ - 4", or 1.92 meters. :thinking: In most photos of him in a crowd he towers above most everyone else!