P-38J Lightning Re-Released | AeroScale

Hasegawa has re-released the 1:48 scale P-38J Lightning “Virginia Marie”

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timing is everything I guess?

Good luck Hasegawa- you have some stiff competition.

Tamiya’s P-38 is an early ‘J’ & is without the leading edge landing light and dive recovery flaps.
IIRC Hasegawa’s ‘J’ is a mid production.
Tamiya would do well to release a late J/L some time soon. :smile:

Watch Eduard make a surprise 1/48 P38 announcement to follow up on their A6M Zero and F3F Wildcat kit successes :laughing: :laughing:

I have about 10 Academy P-38 kits in my stash, so I don’t need another Lightning for the next couple of years … :open_mouth: I know they have their flaws but so has Hasegawa and it’s 2 times cheaper and even 3 times cheaper than Tamiya … :wink: