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Dora Wings has provided sprue shots of their forthcoming release of the quarter scale Republic P-47B Thunderbolt

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://aeroscale.net/news/p-47c-sprue-shots

A 1/48 P-47C is long overdue.


I don’t mean to be a kill-joy or come off as a know-it-all, but isn’t this actually the B-model DW announced last year? The line under the first sprue shot says: “Test sprues P-47B Thunderbolt (1/48)”…………………………………Dora Wings…

The sprues look to have parts for the “B” – both fabric and metal-covered empennage flight control surfaces (fabric used only on Bs and later replaced on those acft with metal-covered); the forward fuselage looks to be the early short version that has the waste gates positioned farther under the wing LE (only on Bs and 1st block of Cs); it has the slanted radio antenna; and the canopy has the extra window behind the sliding hood, an early B-model trait.

But then there are those extra keels provided, one of which is the bulged type with mount holes for belly tank sway braces, so maybe a later C / early D is in the works also? They look as though they’re intended for fuselage parts molded without the keel in the first place, which would allow the modeler to easily build any operational C or Razorback D (assuming the “long” fuselage is provided). If this is the case – HOORAY!!!

Then again, the first production block of the C, P-47C-RE, had the same short fuselage as the B, so any of those 54 aircraft could also be built from this kit (with a vertical antenna mast and filled-in early window).

Great news at any rate! Now I can build an early 56th FG “B” (with that extra window filled-in)!

I’ve just noticed that the rendering (not the sprue shots) that says “P-47C” does in-fact show what looks to be a P-47C. So maybe DW is actually going to release a C, but they’re showing sprues for the previously announced B?


hi Guys, no the header image is my fault meant to put up an image of the P-47B, not the P-47C, Apologies for that :smile:
Fantastic analysis of the sprue shots Mike :smile:

Ok, Tim – glad to be of service! :smile:

This is shaping-up to be a good year for P-47 fans. DW with their B & C, and now Mini Art reviving their Ds. One can only hope now for an up-to-date N.


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Oh yes yes yes, these will all be mine !!! :star_struck: