PA Leopard wreck

Apologies if this is in completely the wrong place and if it is, Admins do your magic-, but here’s one that got finished overthe first lockdown.
The idea was inspired by the now infamous Turkish Leo’s in Northern Iraq.
Kit is Esci, Engine Block is from Real Model and figures are from Masterbox USMC dog handlers and Amazon/skull clan sets. The L85 came from Gecko.
I’ve noticed a bit more tidying up needed and also some kit/shooty stick for the Amazon. Thoughts and comments very much welcomed.


I like it. It is away from the norm of seeing older style armour as a destroyed kit. Can’t remember the last very modern up to date MBT that shown like this, especially a Western (NATO) affiliated MBT. Overall finish and burnt / rusted / destroyed areas look totally realistic.
Well done and great Dio.
(Not sure if I would be brave enough to lift a grumpy Doberman up that far though lol)