Paintbrush eating vermin

This was a nice, well-formed, 1/2 inch wide brush that I use for dusting and terrain washes. It is now a near-useless wad of stubble with a handle, all thanks to some undetected and unknow brush-eating pest. I am familiar with the notorious Tabaco Beetle, a well-known scourge of museum displays world wide, but I have yet too catch the culprit in the act, so identification is only tentative. Am I the only one who has had their brushes eaten by a unseen nemesis?

Normally I would blame this guy;

But it’s not his style of destruction.

What kind of brush was it? I presume it was some kind of natural hair?
There are some bugs that will eat fur/hair, probably from the Dermestidae or Tineidae families.

It is a natural hair brush, most likely camel hair. It appears that the Dermestidae larva are the most probable culprit. I guess it’s time for a thorough cleaning of my workbench! Thanks for the info.