Painting Categories

I see that there is one “General Painting” category and I suggest that that just won’t do. Each Forum should have it’s own painting category since they are each so vastly different. Keep the “General Painting” category for airbrush questions and such, but painting cars is so different from painting armor, they need their own painting category. Being the “old” painting category moderator (which I assume is a defunct job on the new site) I suggest that Armorama’s new category be called “Painting & Weathering” since weathering has become an industry unto itself, and just as important as painting, dare I say. What do you think?

I think it’s already there. And it was there all the time…err… yup. :smiley:

Um, Jim, the category says you just created it 16 minutes ago. I know it wasn’t there this morning! :grin:

LIES! It’s all lies! :smiley:

Lol… The computer never lies… Unless your a techno wizard haha